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Together at Queneesh...

At Queneesh we strive to provide a safe, caring and educationally nurturing environment for all. We value all students’ unique qualities and believe that everyone has the ability to learn, build relationships and contribute to our school community.
We have 21 neighborhood and Montessori classrooms, with almost 400 students and almost 60 staff here to support them.  We work as a close team to support all students in their academic, social, and emotional needs.  This year has required a bigger focus on the health and safety of our entire community.  You can read out back to school plan for details here: BACK TO SCHOOL PLAN.
Although this year has been unique, we continue to  use our Q compass to guide us towards Community, Connections, Collaboration, and Communication.
If you would like to register your child at Queneesh, please do so on line, through the school board office. All registrations are not occurring centrally. Follow this link:  Register your child 
Mr. Kyle Timms,