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Queneesh Connections

Find ways to digitally connect with our great Queneesh staff!

Link to Office 365 (student email...etc)

At home use the password and username that you use to log in to your computers at school.




Link to Digital Space and or Email


Ms. Christine VanderRee 

 Mrs. VanderRee's Corner

Vice Principal 

Mr. Noah Burdett 

Mr. Burdett's Corner



Ms. Sue Diewert 

Mrs. Diewert's


Div. 1 - StrongStart 

Ms. Colleen Friendship

Div. 2 – K 

Ms. Eileen David/ Ms. Alison Carmichael

Mrs. David's site

Div. 3 – K 

Ms. Connie Fowler/ Ms. Alison Carmichael

Div. 4 – 1 

Ms. Adrienne Glover 

Div. 5 – 1/2 

Ms. Krista Dickson 

Div. 6 – 2/3 

Mrs. Cara Bowley 

Mrs. Bowley's stay at home site:)

Div. 7 – 2/3 

Ms. Kirsten Rehnby

Mrs. Rehnby's site

Div. 8 – 2/3 

Ms. Chris Nowell

Div. 9 – 4 

Ms. Christine VanHolderbeke 

Div. 10 – 4 

Mr. Mat Zadvorny 

Div. 11 – 5/6 

Ms. Amanda Davidge 

Div. 12 – 5/6 

Ms. Michelle Wiest 

Div. 13 – 7 

Mr. Wes Mann 

Div. 14 – Monty K 

Ms. Michelle Hawkins/ Ms. Alison Carmichael

Div. 15 – Monty K/1/2 

Ms. Catherine Munro

Div. 16 – Monty 1/2/3 

Mr. Sean Burkholder 

Div. 17 – Monty 1/2/3 

Ms. Stephani Custer/Ms. Mr. Steve Parry

Div. 18 – Monty 1/2/3 

Ms. Nicole Rippel 

Mrs. Rippel's Site

Div. 19 – Monty 4/5/6 

Ms. Lynn Jacobson/Mr. Steve Parry

Div. 20 – Monty 4/5/6 

Ms. Terri Fullerton

Div. 21 – Monty 6/7 

Ms. Anne Buchanan





Ms. Sue Diewert




Curriculum Support 

Mr. Doug David 





ELL Teacher 

Ms. Robin VanHolderbeke

 ELL Home Support

 Joanne McKechnie

Learning Support 

Ms. Bernadine Courage

Learning Support

Ms. Mary Rickson

Joyful Learning 

Ms. Michelle Boulet





Ms. Yolanda Lehton





Ms. Aryn Franklin 





Teacher Librarian 

Ms. Deb Gardner




Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Helen Botsis

Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Brenda Bombini

Educ. Assistants  

   Ms. Jenn Devine

Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Colleen Furlotte

 Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Pia Hund

 Educ. Assistants 

   Mr. Sean Mulligan

Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Kellie Sagadore

 Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Veronica Schrieber

 Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Penny Kampen 

Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Heidi Shepherd

Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Erica Spizawka 

Educ. Assistants 

   Ms. Marianna Stephens

Educ. Assistants  

   Ms. Alicia Thompson

Educ. Assistants 

   Mr. Sean Pisto

Educ. Assistants  

   Ms. Victoria Wadell




Indigenous Sup. 

Ms. Danielle Cunningham

Indigenous Sup. 

Ms. Sally Sheehan