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Mrs. VanderRee's Corner

Morning Announcements:
June 24, 2020 - Click the image below for this morning's morning announcements, the last one of this school year and my last one at Queneesh.  This week we are sending birthday wishes out to our students with summer birthdays as well.  Please find my final read aloud, Rap a Tap Tap.  I am joined by some kindergarten students, including Nikki, who has been trying to help me achieve my goal ... Dancing at the talent show.  No show ... but a video seemed the next best thing.
Report card and some missing items are ready for pick up:  Wednesday and Thursday 8:15 until 3:00.  
Reminder ... our Queneesh parade is on today, Wednesday, June 24th at 1:30 until 2.  Hopefully we will see you there.
Here is the final Read Aloud,  Connecting with the Q 33 Rap a Tap Tap.  Thanks for watching.