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Comox Valley Schools
Schools are closed to the Public and all Staff without prior approval.
This week a staff member will reach out as they make plans for the continuity of learning.
No Children in the building at this time.
All Staff, Students, Parents, or Guardians must follow these guidelines to access a school facility:
Anyone sick with respiratory symptoms or immune issues (even if symptoms resemble a very mild cold) should not enter the building.
Arrange a time to come in with our Office staff or Administration to ensure that either Admin or custodial are at the school entrance way to meet you. Call 250-334-4089 to set up an time.
1.     School will be locked at all times
2.     NO entrance without prior arrangements.
3.     Use main door only.
4.     If possible arrange an at door pick-up for required items.
Sanitize hands after entering the school. This may be done by either using soap and water (for a minimum of 20 seconds) or by using hand sanitizer. The principles of physical distancing must apply.
Individuals must maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters.
Please go to your destination after sanitizing, conduct your task(s) via the most direct route, keeping surface contact to a minimum. Advise the office when you are ready to leave as all surface will need to be cleaned further.
Thank you for your understanding,