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Hello families, 
Last weekend, you received a message from Superintendent Tom Demeo that described the process for returning to school and included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) reference sheet.  I hope this information has helped bring clarity for how June will look. 
We have taken information from the district survey, and school communications with you to determine who is returning to school, who is continuing with remote learning and who is opting out altogether as of June 1st.  If you are unclear what had been communicated, we can do a double check for you and will let you know.  The decision remains parent choice and if you change your mind, email me directly and we can work to that change.  
For those families whose children aren’t returning to school: 
Student supplies and personal items have been bagged up and are ready for pick up from the school gym. 
Please send someone to the school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week to pick up.  Entry will be through the side gym door.  You will need to know your child’s teacher/division.  A picture of the gym set up is attached. 
Please take a look at home for library books and return them to the school  
If you have already picked up your children’s items please disregard this notice. 
For those of you who chose continuing to learn from home, you can expect a week plan sent out from your teacher(s). Please be advised that teacher(s) have been given Wednesday as a learning-from-afar check in day.  Our teachers and staff have done a fantastic job at continuing to reach out to you from home, and I hope you continue to stay connected.  Staff have been encouraged to find a balance for their own health, so they are not fully invested in online teaching as well as face-to-face learning (doing 2 jobs) as that is not sustainable.  If you wish to opt out of this learning from home, please let us know and we will stop sending you the activities. 
For those families whose children are returning to some onsite learning: (there are 172 of you!) 
We need the following 
100% best health – from you and everyone who lives in the same home as you – you will need to complete a health survey at home each day prior to entering school. (Check for:  fever, cough, congestion, nasal drip, or sneezing .  Do not send your child to school if they are ill or show a temperature over 38 degrees. 
To know in advance, if your child has seasonal allergies and not other symptoms, 
Your child is to have:  A water bottle, a pack in/pack out snack /lunch and clothing appropriate for  the day, including outside time, rain or shine.  Optional:  a personal hand sanitizer which will remain at the child’s workstation.  We have hand sanitizer in each class available. 
Please be aware that children at school (and their siblings) who show signs of being unwell will be sent home. 
There will be some significant changes at the school to help us follow all health and safety protocols.  The most noticeable will be our school entry procedures.  Children will start their day on the back field.  As they arrive, they will be encouraged to join the ‘walking group’ lead by some of EA staff until the teachers at the bell, signal they are ready and will gather the children at their meeting spot on the field.  Classes have assigned entry doors and hand washing stations which they will be introduced to on our first day.  Children will be dismissed from the field at 2:30. Families may greet their children from the ridge area just beside the field.  We will have some markings on the pavement to help with social distancing while adults wait and signal for their children.  Bus children will be escorted directly on and off the bus.  If your child has permission to walk home, please let the classroom teacher know and the child will be released at the bell to walk home.   
A friendly reminder:  As adults, we need to model appropriate physical distancing at all times and not be part of gatherings.  This is particularly important at drop off and pick up.  Please leave the grounds as quickly as possible.  The big toy will be closed and staying beyond drop off/pick up is discouraged.  Thanks in advance for helping us with this. 
Any late arrivers or early departures will need to communicate with the office since the doors are locked to minimize unexpected hallway traffic.  Please call 250-334-4089 if you need to contact us. 
If you change your mind about learning from home (or learning at school) it is essential that you communicate with me directly,  so we can properly plan for those changed numbers.   We should be able to accommodate the switch. 
Thanks for working with us as we navigate these tricky times. 
Stay well & be safe!! 
Mrs. VanderRee
Principal, Queneesh